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A culinary student prepping the lunch buffet line.

“It’s an excellent program for any young adult who is looking to go into the food industry. It's a really good experience from the prepping of the food to serving our student customers. I love being able to express my creativity through all my work.”
– Jeff Cameron

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Culinary Arts is designed to provide the basic skills needed for employment in the Culinary Industry or to enroll in post-secondary education. Much of the student training is provided through the operation of the restaurant The Green Room (located on our campus) or working in a school-run bakery ans pastry shop located in Barre.




Career Opportunities

Restaurants/Food & Beverage Services
Chef. line cook, wait staff, host/hostess, banquet, catering services..


College Credit and Industry Certification

Students who complete the program and pass the necessary tests can receive the following certifications and dual enrollment opportunities:

• ProStart (HBA-PS1 & HBA-PS2) Certificate
• ServSafe Certificate
• 3 credits with New England Culinary Institute: on-line component and completion of on-campus experience for one week.


Related Academics

Students should enroll in courses which emphasize public speaking, business writing, and/or food exploration. If a student is considering owning a business, they would benefit from courses in accounting, entrepreneurship or business law.


Labor Market Outlook/Potential Earnings:

Students completing this program have successfully entered New England Culinary Institute, Johnson and Wales College, and Southern New Hampshire.

Students completing this program have been employed at Chartwell’s Food Services, Pizza Hut, Soups and Greens, The Wayside, Suzanna’s, Holiday Inn, Lague Inn, Sarducci’s, Bolton Valley Holiday Resort, Stowe Mountain Resort, The New England Culinary Institute, Hyatt, and Hilton Hotels.


A culinary arts student tossing pizza dough.

Brandon Lawrence (Twinfield) tossing pizza dough.

Why do people spin a pizza dough? The whole point is to stretch the dough out to the right size. It is a very challenging thing to do. The other thing is it looks really cool.

One of our favorite things to do on Fridays during team cooking is to make pizza. We have certain types of pizza to make - like, one week we just made the pizza dough. Then another time we had to base it on the way that we put on toppings – like, if it works better when you put the topping on before the cheese or wait until after the cheese is spread out.  So, we’re going to make pizza for the last time this year and the focus will be about “special pizza” -  like BBQ pizza chicken parmesan or Alfredo pizza.

Culinary 1 class at breakfast.

Culinary Arts 1 class enjoying an eggs benedict breakfast.

Close up of a frosted cake with fruit decoration on top.

Garret Maurice Angel Food Cake with fruit decoration